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Friday, February 10, 2017

New Wholesale Soap Making Supplies Now Available in the SoapSell Marketplace

We're adding new products to the SoapSell Marketplace.  Right now we're working on trending men's fragrance oils.  Below are some of the newly listed items.  It's worth checking out and comparing prices with companies like Wholesale Supplies Plus, we've got them beat, hands down!

We're also working to offer all SoapSell Marketplace shop owners FREE SHIPPING on all of our soap making equipment & supplies.  This will help to save you even more money!  Don't wait, sign-up today.

Drakkar Noir Type Fragrance Oil 447

Cool Water For Men* Fragrance Oil 109

Black Tie Fragrance Oil 118

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How to Make $100 Per Day Selling in the SoapSell Marketplace - Part 2

How to Make $100 Per Day Selling in the SoapSell Marketplace - Part 2

soapsell marketplace

NOTE: I am not a professional writer, I haven't taken classes (which I might) or studied to become a blog writer.  I am simple a small businessman who wants to help others grow their businesses.  So fair warning, this blog may not be perfect.  Sometimes I might wander a bit off topic, don't worry, I'll get back on track.  Sometimes I may ramble, I'm sure it's because there's a point I'm trying to get across. BUT the information is great and as time goes on, it will only get better.  Thank you for checking it out, don't forget to to subscribe if you like what I have to say. 😁

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This is Part 2 of a series of posts explaining how you can make $100 per day selling your products in the SoapSell Marketplace.  SoapSell is a new and exciting marketplace for handmade bath & beauty companies to sell their products around the world online. Unlike other marketplace site, SoapSell does not charge you to post your products for sale and you don't have to continue reposting every week, or even every month.  Once you post your products in the SoapSell Marketplace, they stay posted until you take them down.

Are you selling your products in another marketplace online? GREAT! You should just have your products for sale in one place.  Some marketplaces are crowded, filled with brands that have already established they're name.  You may think, how can I compete with that?  It's easy, you work 2-3 times harder then you normally would.  You also build your online presents.  When people search Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. for your company, or the types of products you sell, you want your company to show up in the results.  Not just once, but multiple times.

How much is your domain worth?

To reach the goal of $100 per day, you need to build the SEO to your shop (SoapSell Marketplace, or any other marketplace site you have a shop on) as well as your website.  There are several steps to building SEO.  Link-backs are very important when building SEO for your shop/website.  These are links to your site/shop or products in your shop/site, from quality high traffic sites.  Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Reddit, local & national media outlets and high traffic blogs within your industry, are just a few of the website you want to get linking back to your shop/website.

This is one of the reasons using social media is so important. Within a few days of starting a Facebook Page for your business and posting photos of your products, etc. your company will start showing up in Google search results, via the links you have on Facebook, or other social media sites. (Try it now, open another tab to Google and search your company name.  What links show up first? Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram?  Do you have an active account with each of those sites?) Of course this is just a start.  If people have heard of your business, this is great, they can search the name of your company, find your site/shop and make their purchase.  What you will eventually want to happen is have your company come up in search results, when potential customers are looking for the types of products you sell, not just your company name.  I will talk about this in another post, the focus when starting out is making sure that the search engines know that your company is out there.

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Post on social media daily.  Here is a great blog post, "6 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Posts", that will help you to create the most effective Facebook posts, ensuring the best traffic through your FREE posting.  (Remember, if you find that a particular post is doing will, BOOST THAT POST! You only reach 3%-6% of your friends/followers when you post on Facebook, the more interaction the post gets, the more of your friends/followers feeds it will come up in. So if you find that a particular post is doing well in your target market, with the few people that get to see it, then boosting it, to your target market can yield results that are astonishing.)

Remember, posting daily on social media will give you more quality link-backs to your site/shop, helping your company to come up in search results.  To get to $100 per day is a process, it's not something that will happen over night.  Can it, yea. Is it likely, no.  But if you follow these steps fully and completely, you will get to $100 per day, or more!  Remember, your shop online never sleeps! When done right, you will make money when you sleep!  There is nothing better then waking up to see that your company was working for you while you get to rest.

This will conclude Part 2 of "How to Make $100 Per Day Selling in the SoapSell Marketplace." If you didn't get a chance to read the first post, you can find it HERE.  To ensure you get the next post as soon as it's live, don't forget to subscribe to our email list HERE.

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

How to Make $100 Per Day Selling Your Soaps in the SoapSell Marketplace Part 1

How to Make $100 Per Day Selling Your Soaps in the SoapSell Marketplace Part 1

A quick search on and you will see that there are thousands of handmade soap makers around the world, working hard to build their brand online and make a decent living doing it.  Let me ask you this, could you live the life you want making $100 per day selling your soaps or handmade bath & beauty products? If you said "YES" then continue reading.

To start, this is nothing that is going to happen over night, so if you think that you're going to start making $100 per day on SoapSell Marketplace within a month, well you're wrong, and this may not be for you.  This is something that will take some time, but with hard work and dedication, you can be making $100 per day from your handmade soap business by the end of 2017.

First you have to open your shop, so if you haven't opened a shop in the SoapSell Marketplace, I suggest you do that now.  It's free to start your account.  It's free to post your products for sale.  The only time you pay is when you make a sale! (A small commission fee of 7% of the sale or less. Not including taxes or shipping.)

Once you have opened your shop, it's time to get some products uploaded.  The more products you have available the better.  But you also don't want to spread yourself too thin.  Starting with 4 - 6 products that are your best sellers is the way to go. The plan is to start building momentum, that's the key.  It's easier to make sales, when you're already selling. 

Once you've got your products uploaded, with great images to show them off online, you need to start setting goals.  First start with long term goals like, where you want to be in 5 years, and build backwards from there.  Break it down first into months, if in 5 years your goal is to sell $200 per day, slowly breakdown what it would take each month to reach that goal.  Then go a step further and figure out what steps you need to take each day to reach your goal.  Once you have a plan of action for each day, that's when you're really ready to get started.

Collect and Review your Data

If you read my post How to Make Your First Sale Online I explain the importance of reviewing the data that is collected by social media sites (i.e. post interactions) to find out what posts and images are working to drive the most traffic to your online store.  Once you figure out what posts are working, and drive people not only to your shop, but these people are also making purchases.

Once you've found a few of your posts that are working, BOOST THEM! If they're already working by driving customers to your site, customers who are making purchases (not all of them, but a good deal of them) then logic says if you get that post in front of even more people, your sales will go even higher. This is where you start to gain momentum.
Get a FREE Deluxe Gift With Purchase when you spend $65+ at! Use code: DUO (Valid 1/3 - 1/31)


First, get your SoapSell Marketplace shop open.  It's free, so why wait?  That time that you're waiting, you could be building brand awareness, getting "LIKES" on your Facebook Page, and finding out what posts really engage your customers. This is something that will take a month or two to get the data you're looking for.  You DON'T want to just start advertising because so many people lose money that way.  If you don't know who your target market it, you'll just be wasting money.

This is just Part 1 in the series How to Make $100 Per Day Selling Your Soaps in the SoapSell Marketplace, a step by step guide to building your online soap or bath & beauty business.  To stay up to date with this post and more about starting and running a successful soap business, please feel free to Subscribe.

Thank you for sharing!

How much is your domain worth?

Labeling Soaps and Cosmetic in the United States

Labeling Soaps and Cosmetic in the United States 

If you are in the US and selling your products please be aware that there are laws regarding how you label your products.  Bath and Body products are classified in 3 different categories:

  • Soap 
  • Cosmetics 
  • Drugs 

Soap is regulated under 3 different government agencies. The FDA for those that are classified as Cosmetics or Drugs or both, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in regards to safety of all your products and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) under which the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act.

Please be aware, even though what you might be making is soap, liquid soap, etc. how you market it and what you call your soap can change it from being classified as soap to being a cosmetic or even a drug.  Soap cleans – it only cleans.  If you call your soap “Body Wash”, “Shampoo” – anything other than soap, you are no longer selling “Soap”. Once you say your soap moisturizes, ex-foliates, give it any cosmetic adjective, etc., you are also no longer selling soap but a cosmetic (or a drug if you make any medical claims whatsoever, even implied claims based in ingredients that are expanded on i.e. lavender EO is known to treat, cure, etc.).  This applies to not only the label you put on your product, but how you market and describe it.  Body wash is not soap, shower gel is not soap, shampoo is not soap in regards to these laws and guidelines.


Get a FREE Deluxe Gift With Purchase when you spend $65+ at! Use code: DUO (Valid 1/3 - 1/31)

Here are a few links with excellent information to help you label and market your soap/cosmetic products legally in the United States: 

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How much is your domain worth?

Friday, January 27, 2017

How to Make Your First Online Sale

How to Make Your First Online Sale

A guide to building your Ecommerce Shop

So you're ready to go! You've taken great photos. You've read my post "How to Cut Costs Without Cutting Quality" and researched your competitors online to insure you have competitive pricing.  You have products posted and you're waiting for the sales to come in, but they don't.  You wait another week, nothing.  You start thinking, what can I do to make that first sale?

First you have to set goals for yourself.  Once you know what goals you want to achieve, you can then work backwards breaking down the steps it will take to reach those goals.  So let's say you've set your goal to have your first online sale in 90 days.  You now have to figure out what steps to take to get that first sale.

When selling online I've found that there is a process for everything, including making your first sale. First you have to find out what is going to drive people to your online shop.  To start, post on social media.  You should already have a Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter & Pintrest accounts for your business.  If not, I suggest you start there.  This is important for a few reasons;

  1. Billions of people use social media, it's a to get information about your business out there without spending cash, just time.  You can use social media outlets like the ones mentioned for advertising, but I suggest you start to build a following first.  (Not having this social media accounts can hurt your business. When people are looking to find out more information about your company, they will search for your social media pages, and if you don't have them, in this day and age, you're likely to lose customers)
  2. Once you have a following and understand the different social media site you can use it for very direct marketing to your target audience.
  3. It's a great way to test what posts, and images will get the best response when advertising your products, allowing you to build more effective ads from the start. (Take it from me, who has spent thousands of dollars on social media marketing, to not get the results I want. It takes time, you can't just throw money at it, especially if you don't have it)

Now that you've got your social media accounts set up, start posting photos of your products, but don't spam.  Find some interesting articles about your industry and share them.  Join different groups, share your information, meet people (virtually online).  Send invites to your friends to "LIKE" your page and/or share your posts. Do the same in groups (if the groups allow it, or after you talk to the group admin)  This will help you to start organically driving traffic to your site.

What's good about these social media sites is they already have analytics built in, even if you're not actually paying for advertising.  You can see how many people LIKE, LOVE, LOL, your posts, or even how many shares they get.  This is valuable information!  Why because when you see posts are getting a lot of action, you can then focus on making more posts that are similar, driving the most traffic per post to your site.  This is also build link backs to your site, which will help with SEO.

Now that you're building traction, you still need to reach that goal of getting your first sale within 90 days.  So now what do you do, wait?  NOPE! Don't ever just sit on your hands and wait! Nothing is going to come to you, you have to go out and get it!  Contact your family or friends that have purchase your products before, and ask them to make their next order online.  Contact your co-workers (if you're still working) and send them a link to your site.  If you have an email list, send it to them (as long as it won't be considered spam to them.) 

This is where you are likely to get your first sale, from friends/family.  Encourage them to do a product review!  This is important.  When potential customers come to your shop and see reviews, they know people are making purchases from your shop.  If they're good reviews, that even better!

Once you get that first sale, you now need to set a new goal, one that's a bit bigger and a bit tougher to reach.  Once you have done this, go back through all of the data that was collected before your first sale, analyze it, find out what worked to get that first sale, then duplicate it. When you see that duplicating it works, then start advertising. When you do advertise, promote the posts, that worked the best to drive the most traffic to your site.

To save yourself some frustration, make sure and set obtainable goals.  Setting goals to high can get you discouraged when you don't reach them, setting them too low won't challenge you enough to reach the heights you want to.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Are You Sharing Your Products On Social Media?

Are You Sharing Your Products On Social Media?

When starting your new business, you may think, "If you build it they will come." from the 1989 film "Field of Dreams." (If you haven't seen field of dreams, it's definitely a good watch.  In business things don't always seem to work that way.  You could build the next new thing, but if nobody knows about it, how will you sell any?

When starting a business most people fail think about the marketing aspect of their business.  Most focus so much time on making the product the best it can be, that when it comes time to bring it to the market, they have no money to do so.  What's good about our day in age, and the internet, is we now have social media to help us grow our businesses organically. Not only is social media a great place to start when you're ready to start spending advertising money, it's also a good place to start when you have very little or no funds for marketing.

I can hear a lot of you thinking right now, "I have a Facebook page.  I've had it for a few months, but I've only got 30 people who LIKE my page. " Well that's a great place to start! Now I can hear you thinking, "What about those other businesses that have 1,000 or 10,000 or even 20,000 likes.  How can I compete with them?  How did they get that many likes?"  A couple of things;

  • A) It didn't happen over night.  These companies didn't get all of these likes in one night, one week or even one month. (At least the small ones, companies with an established reputation and customer base could grow that quick)
  • B) How can you compete with them? You DON'T! At least not right away...
One thing I would like you to do before you go any further is find one of those pages you like, one of your direct competitors, maybe another handmade soap company, bath bomb company, or another "widget factory." (It doesn't have to be just soap or bath & beauty products) Find that companies Facebook page and scroll down the page, take a look at what they post, and when they post it. (Here's a link to the Facebook page for Johnson & Johnson, see how often they post, the content they post, and the images that go with it.  Besides being around for years and having a loyal client base, they post news, images, products, etc. to their page to engage people, to give them something to share. When you share another Facebook pages' story, you're effectively promoting their business to your followers and friends.)

What does it cost you to share another businesses story on Facebook?  That's right, nothing!  So imagine if you could get 10, 20, 30, 100 or even 1,000 people a day to share you Facebook page, or posts with their friends and followers . . . Do you realize how quickly and how many Facebook likes your page will soon be getting?  This is why social media is such an important tool to new business owners.  You have the ability to reach every member of Facebook, (although it would take some time, and A LOT of hard work) without spending any money on advertising!  (It's very unlikely that something like this would happen without advertising, especially since you only reach about 6% - 7% of your friends or followers when you first post something.  It's only when they start sharing it with their friends and then their friends start sharing it, do you start to reach more then the 6% - 7%.)

What this does prove is that you have the ability, with social media, to reach tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of people, with just a few key strokes.  Is it likely that something you post will go viral?  Probably not.  But you won't know unless you try! Also the more you post, the better chance you have of something going viral.

Make sure the content you are posting is unique.  It's always good to share news stories of your industry on your Facebook wall (or Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) this gives your followers something more to ready, or learn from.  You don't want to try an sell them something all the time, everyday of the week, 2 -3 times a day. Don't just post your products for sale!  People don't want to see a sales pitch every time you make a post.  If all you do is try to sell to your followers, you'll lose those followers quite quickly.  So post unique content, images, or shared stories.  Try and post items that will get people to interact with your post.  It's those likes, comments, shares, that are going to get your post in front of the eyes of other people.  On Facebook for instance, when someone shares your post, they're post reads, "So & So just shared Your post" and your page name links back to your page.  So when people share your post, it puts your business name out there, with a link back to your page.  This will help you to gain exposure, as well as traffic to your social media page.

So what do you do when you've acquired all of these followers?  Then you advertise!  The features for advertising on social media, especially on Facebook,  are enormous and greatly beneficial.  At this point it's even better then using Google Adwords for certain promotions.

When it comes to social media marketing, you can specific in your details of how your ad is shown to.  If you have a product just for women ages 25 - 40.  You can market to those who like your page, and or your customers page, women, 25 - 40, who have "X" number of children, makes "$ X" amount household income per year, that live just in the US, or just in one state or city if you want!  Now that's specific!

There are many people/businesses, like myself, who started using Facebook advertising thinking it would do great for our business, but I didn't understand or know all of the information above. Because of this, you end up spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars on advertising, that ends up showing little to no ROI (Return On Investment.)  Once this happens you start to think that it doesn't work.  It does, you just don't know how to work it. It takes time. Once you understand it, and can use it to your best ability, you'll find that social media advertising is one of the best ways to directly deliver ads to your target market.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, they all have some sort of advertising platform now.  The best way to use that platform effectively is to build a following, it doesn't have to be thousands of people,  then use that loyal following to create buzz on these social media sites for you.  Do give aways, offer affiliate programs, for those who want to promote your business.  Just remember, to always post your products on social media, especially if you're already on there using your time, it's free advertising.

To end it let's go back to Field of Dreams.  I believe that if you build "IT" make sure "IT" is the best that it can be, promote the heck out of it, then maybe, just maybe they will come.

Friday, January 20, 2017

How to Cut Your Costs Without Cutting Quality

How to Cut Your Costs Without Cutting Quality

A Guide to Help You Turn More of Your Revenue Into Profit

Ok so you've started your business, you've been going strong for maybe a month or two, or a year or two.  You're sales are steadily growing, and if you could just make a bit more profit, you could start to consider quitting your full time job and taking on your business full time.  But how can you sale more products, or better yet, how can you make more money on the products you currently sell, without raising the price? Easy . . . You cut costs!

If you've tried to cut costs in your business, without cutting product or packaging quality, you know it's easier said then done.  But by the end of this post, you'll have some fresh ideas on how you can cut costs so you can start making more money from the current sales you already have.  

Now to properly cut costs, you first need to find out exactly (at least within a penny) what your cost to make each of your products are.  What I talk about cost, I mean, ALL costs associated with making the product.  If you haven't done this already, and you're selling products, I suggest you stop making and selling products until you've at least got your costs figured out.

How to figure your costs.

To figure your costs you add up the cost of everything it takes to make your product, then divide it by the number of pieces you have, that will give you your Cost Of Goods (COG). 


You're making bath bombs, the total recipe makes 20 bath bombs.  Take the cost of all your ingredients. To figure out the cost of your ingredients per batch, take the total cost of the ingredient to you (For instance Sodium Bicarbonate) you get 15 lbs for $15. You use 1 lb for your recipe. To figure out how much it costs you per pound, ($15/15 = $1) it costs you $1 in sodium bicarbonate to make this batch of bath bombs. Now you'll need to do this with all of your ingredients. (Below is an example of how to figure the cost of the whole batch, all numbers are examples)

  • Sodium Bicarbonate - $1
  • Citric Acid - $1
  • Powdered Milk $1
  • Coconut Oil - $0.40
  • Fragrance Oil/Essential Oil - $0.55
  • Coloring - $0.90
  • Polysorbate 80 - $0.20
  • Witch Hazel (for spraying, if you use it, you need the cost for it) - $0.10
  • Packing (for 20 bombs) = $20
Total Cost of Ingredients & Packaging - $25.15

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!  If you add just those ingredient prices, and think that's your COG, you're wrong! You also have to figure in labor costs.  Either you or an employee is going to make the bombs, so you're going to have to pay them. (This is a BIG mistake a lot of small business owners make, they forget to pay themselves!)  You also have to figure in electricity (this is a fixed cost you should already have for your business.  Take your monthly electricity bill, divide it by 30 days and you'll have your daily fixed cost. Divide that by 12 hours (or how ever long your work day is) and that's your cost per hour for electricity.  The same thing needs be done with the rent, and all of your other base costs for the business.  (Below is the continued example of the bath bomb costs. For the example we are using a 12 hour work day. Also we are basing the recipe on 3 hours to make AND package)

  • Rent ($600 per month, divided by 30 = $20 per day, divide by 12 hours= $1.67 X 3 hours) - $5.01
  • Electricity (if the monthly bill is $120) Total for 3 hours = $1.02
  • Insurance ($275 a year, broke down to the hour) = $0.10
  • Labor (Base labor on what you WANT to get paid, for the example $15 and hour.  If you figure it for you as a base, when you're paying someone else less, you're making more profit, just by having someone else do it and cutting your labor costs) 3 hours @ $15 = $45
(Don't forget to figure in shipping costs with ingredients, or, labor if you or someone is going to the local wholesale shop to pick the items up.  This is all associated with the cost of making the product. Think of anything you can. For this example we'll stick with these)

Total fixed costs $51.03

The total cost to make the bath bombs (in this example) = $76.18. That comes out to $3.81 per bomb.

Figuring out the price to sell your product (bath bombs in this example)

Now that you have the total cost to make your bath bomb (product) it's time to figure out what to sell it for.  You want to make sure you maximize your profit, while still being competitive.  When figuring out how to price your product you want to do a couple of things;

  • First decide if you're just going to sell the products in your own shop or online store, directly to your customer. Or are you also going to wholesale them to other shops?
  • Study the competition.  Checkout where you're going to sell your items.  Maybe it's an online marketplace like SoapSell Marketplace or Etsy.  Don't stop there though, do Google searches, browse other companies websites. Takes some notes, and figure out the average price.
  • Decide if you want to price average, above average or below average.
Now that's you've got this all figured out, you can price your product. (Below are some examples with the previous bath bomb example

Here are some ways you may price your products depending on your choices and information above. For this example we're going to say the average bath bomb is $6.50.

If you're just going to sell your products to the public, then decide on what you want your profit margin to be (60% or higher is suggested, but when sales are directly to the customer, some products are sold as high as 200% to 300% or more over the cost) At $3.81 per bomb (from the example above) and the average price being $6.50, you could reasonably price your bombs at $7.50 and receive almost 100% markup.  But you may find that you sell many more just by lowering the price. That's what you want to do, is find the price where you make the profit you want, but they still fly off the shelf.  You can always cut costs to increase profits.

If you are going to sell your product wholesale to other businesses, you really need to look at your pricing model different.  Most companies want to purchase your product at 50% cost of what the advertised retail price is.  This is where some businesses make mistakes.  If your cost is $3.81 per bomb, you're advertising on you website or SoapSell Marketplace shop that they're $6.50 per bomb, when a company approaches you to purchase your bombs wholesale and wants them for $3.25 per bomb (half of the advertised retail price) you now have to tell them no, or lose money on the order (unless you know how to drastically cut costs quickly to adapt for the order. i.e. you can order packing in bulk and get it for half the price, you can order your ingredients in larger amounts and save another 50%, etc.)

So what you will need to do if you are going to wholesale your products to other shops, is decide how how much you want to make on your wholesale bombs.  What's good is while you don't make as much profit selling wholesale, you can have minimum order amounts, making sure the order is worth your time.)  So if your minimum purchase is 50 bombs for a wholesale order, you could charge a 25% increase ($0.95 per bomb) and still profit almost $50 off of every wholesale order.  (What's great about this too is the order is larger, if you can pay someone else to make them for you, less then what you pay yourself, you could increase profit on the wholesale orders only, and you wouldn't have to spend the time making them. That's why I suggest when figuring out your costs, you figure labor for what you would pay yourself, 25% or more higher then what you will pay someone to do it, that way when you hire people it can cut your costs)

Get a FREE Deluxe Gift With Purchase when you spend $65+ at! Use code: DUO (Valid 1/3 - 1/31)
The retail price of the bomb (if you wholesale) would be $9.52, much higher then other shops.  This could result in slower sales on the retail side.  These are all important things to think about when figuring the price of your products.  It's important that you know what it costs to make each product you make, it's the life blood of your business.  

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.  You can also email me at