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Monday, January 16, 2017

HempNerd™ Hemp Butter Bath Bomb Demo Video

HempNerd™ has come a long way in the short time that the brand has been around.  Making waves in a industry is a great thing, and when it comes to a product like HempNerd's hemp butter bath bomb, there couldn't be much better.

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Just like traditional bath bombs, HempNerd™ does use a small amount of Coconut Oil in they're hemp butter bath bombs, but the key ingredients are hemp seed butter and hemp seed oil.  "We like to still use Coconut Oil because it helps to give the bombs a bit of stability to them after they've finished curing." said Steve Nelson Jr. President/CEO and head of R&D for HempNerd™.  "Our goal is not to reinvent bath bombs, we're just dedicated to taking them to another level, even if it means breaking a mold or two."

Below is a demo video of one of HempNerd's newest bath bombs.

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